No matter the condition on earth, the action in heaven is worship.

When King Uzziah died, Isaiah caught a vision of heaven. What he saw was worship.

John was on Patmos as a prisoner. The Church was suffering. He caught a vision and what he saw was worship.

Prevailing prayer rises in worship and adoration. It is to remember WHO is in charge. The circumstances we face can be overwhelming, but we are reminded in worship that something greater can happen. And it happens IN us.

This is the reality of Paul and Silas sitting in the Philippian jail. Beaten badly and their bodies in a tortured position, they worshiped.

Offering adoration to God is right. It is good. It is an act of faith.

In adoration, I am declaring nothing is greater. No one is greater. He alone is worthy.

In adoration, I get my body to agree. I may raise my hands. I may knee. I may be face down on the floor. But my body will be brought into agreement. My body submits to the rule of the One who is mighty.

The first thing I wrote about in prevailing prayer is waiting.

In our waiting, let us also worship.


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