Prayerlessness in the body of Christ is akin to leprosy. I learned some things about leprosy from Paul Brand, a surgeon to lepers. He says that in leprosy the nerves stop functioning properly, no longer sending signals of pain to the brain. Lepers will begin to lose fingers and toes in accidents because they cannot feel pain when they are hurting themselves.

Drawing a spiritual analogy from that, when the church does not feel pain with other suffering believers, it indicates the presence of “spiritual leprosy.” The church’s nerves are dead. What happens next is the church begins to lose body members. — Bob Sorge,  Secrets of the Secret Place

Intercession is key. We must be people of the presence. We must have our lives in tune with the Spirit so we don’t lose sight of those around us. Allow 2017 to become a renewed call to prayer. A renewed call to walk with God. A renewed call to his presence.


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