The utter delight of his word

I delight in your decrees;
I will not neglect your word. (Ps. 119:16, NIV)

One of the tough practices for me is staying in the Word until I sense I’ve truly heard something from him. I want to rush through. I want to get my checklist done. My attention span is not all that great.

Today, my reading in Psalms took me through Psalm 119. There was a summer a few years ago where all I did was meditate on Psalm 119. I have two notebooks full of that meditation. The struggle now is when I come to Psalm 119, I think of those two notebooks, how long it took, and I tend to feel like rushing through. It’s a long psalm!

I made a note by the verse I noted above awhile back. It was an admonition to stay at my reading until I found delight.

There is not a “1,2,3” model for this. Sometimes I force myself to read a passage again and again. There is a sense in my spirit that something is there and I’m not paying attention. When I have that sense, I stay with it until I discover what the Spirit is trying to teach me.

At other times I just keep reading. If I had a “checklist,” I ignore the “stops” and just keep going. A thirst is awakened and I’m a journey to discover.

Too many times, however, I’ve quit. I just did what I thought was my “assignment” for that time and I’ve gone on to the next thing.

Don’t neglect his word. Don’t hurry through. Stay with it. Turn verses over in your mind. Don’t let go. Find the place of delight. When it happens, new thirst is created. New adventures can then happen.


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