Discipleship and Solidarity with the poor

When we are well formed by the gospel and by the pattern of our Lord, any advantages we may have within the world’s set of evaluations do not mislead us or affect the quality of our human associations. Because of our vision of faith, we are comfortable with the poor and the other “unblessables” and are able to be with them in a spirit and manner that does not set them off from us. We share the human condition gladly and without affectation, as did our savior, whose spirit has pervaded us.

By contrast, those without the mind of Christ make distinctions between people that the mature disciple would never make. They cannot respect the poor within their value system. Even their special efforts, no matter how “charitable,” break or emphasize their lack of solidarity with the poor. They are, of course, trying to “be big about it.” But the disciple, whose very life is a gift of incarnation, really sees nothing special in his actions toward the unblessables. He is not “being big about it” because he truly sees nothing to be big about in the situation. That is why his left hand is unconscious about what his right hand is doing (Matt. 6:3). — Dallas Willard, Renewing the Christian Mind. 


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