To dream and keep on dreaming

A little over two years ago, on my worst day that year, I was at my church spending the day in prayer. The Lord had told me that morning not to be on “defense” that day in prayer. Don’t ask him for the provision I so desperately needed, but ask him for what was ahead. I was not to ask for me, I was to declare victory in my city. 

I spent the day at the church praying. It was a day declaring victory, asking for harvest, picturing what God wanted and seeing the enemy defeated in our city.

In the middle of that time the Lord dropped in a dream for us. It was a major shift. Sell the building we had, move into a smaller space, and build an economic generator to not only help the church financially, but bless the city.

In a few months time, the building was on the market (by unanimous vote of the membership), we were dreaming of a coffee shop, we had a team of volunteers doing incredible work to build a business plan, and we were talking about whole new paradigms of ministry in a church that was over 60 years old.

One year later, we had our building sold, we had a new building purchased and we were working on plans to build the coffee shop.

Today, that coffee shop opened. It is there to bless the city.

The church is vibrant.

And we haven’t stopped.

We get ready to dream of what is next. A little over a year from now we dream of being a part of a new church plant. Beyond that, at least four more churches here. We dream of being a catalyst in Ethiopia as well.

All out of the worst day I was having in one particular year.

Dream. Don’t stop dreaming. And when God gives you those dreams, be assured he could just give you some more.


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