Resurrection thinking

This passage from N.T. Wright’s work, Surprised by Hope, gets to the core of what I believe is needed in our day. We need new thinking. We’ve been trapped in political, binary thinking for decades and it is crippling our ability to move forward as the Body of Christ in a post-Christian era.

The reality that is the resurrection cannot simply be “known” from within the old world of decay and denial, of tyrants and torture, of disobedience and death… the resurrection is not, as it were, a highly peculiar event within the present world (though it is that as well); it is, principally, the defining event of the new creation, the world that is being born with Jesus. If we are even to glimpse this new world, let alone enter it, we need a different kind of knowing… 

That last phrase I emphasized myself.

We need a different kind of knowing. We need a Kingdom knowledge that is there but we’ve been unwilling to tap because we didn’t see the need.

Now, we need to see the need.

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