Divine Appointments

We are into a new series at Heights Church on the Holy Spirit. Next week I am teaching on the empowerment of the Spirit for witness.

Sometimes we run into situations where we get into a conversation, or reach out in a particular action, that when we think about it later it seems that was really an action of the Holy Spirit. It may have been a conversation that wasn’t expected or an action taken, but in that moment there was something new happening that led to an action you may not have thought of taking before.

Some would call those “divine appointments.”

I would love to hear about your “divine appointments” involving some conversation or action that relates directly to “witness.” By this I am not looking for a “divine appointment” where something like a “blessing” happened to you, but a time when God moved through you in witness (verbally or through action) that gave witness to someone who did not know Christ. (And it’s not really necessary to think it has to be something that led to someone’s conversion on the spot.) You looked back, or even in that moment knew, and realized that interaction was directed by the Holy Spirit and it might be called a “divine appointment.”

You don’t even need to post anything here or on Facebook when this post shows up there. You can contact me through our CHURCH CONTACT PAGE and tell me the story.

I would love to hear those stories!



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