The survival dance

I am listening to audio books more because I want to make my commute more effective. Yet, when I listen to a teaching, I find myself wanting to pause more so I can take notes!

I am listening through a book called Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr. I have seen quotes by him floating around, so I thought I would give a book by him a try. This morning was one of those morning I wish I had the book in print so I could highlight like crazy!

In this book he walks through the metaphor of “the second half of life.” It’s not about age, necessarily, as much as maturity. Age can bring maturity, so it has that element to it as well. The point (thus far) is the first part of life teaches us the rules, but should bring us to a point where we don’t have to “defend” the rules but walk in a new way that has allowed more freedom. There is no way I can do this justice, but a couple of thoughts stood out to me I wanted to get down.

He spoke of cultures that have these tendencies as well. Cultures can be stuck in the rudimentary part of “defending the basics” rather than moving into maturity and from that security explore and grow more. The way he put it, and the way we watch politics these days, America is still in adolescent stage.

He then gave a phrase that gives me a great picture. We can do the “survival” dance when we should be doing the “sacred” dance. We’re so caught up in the basics and can’t get past those rudimentary forms (and thus have to “defend” them) we lose out on a more “free form” sacred dance. I would liken it to the difference in the Old Testament of the law on stone and the law on the heart. We can be stuck in old wineskin territory when the Spirit is trying to pour in new wine.

We need to GROW in maturity. A place where do DO NOT FEAR. I want to be so solid in my faith, my walk with Christ, that I don’t have to “defend” God, but instead I enter into a sacred dance that shows those around me the astonishing beauty of Christ.

Lord, save me from the survival dance. Lead me in the sacred dance this day! 

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