It’s spring training for baseball and I actually have a World Champion team to root for this year!

One of my spring rituals is to watch the Ken Burns baseball series (with extra innings now!) and I love seeing the passage of time. One of my favorite players they don’t spend nearly enough time on is Brooks Robinson. He is one of the best to play third base. He was a perpetual gold glove winner during his playing career.

The thing I love about baseball is the ability to watch the field as things get going. There is a lot of waiting in baseball. That’s what people DON’T like too often about the game. We like speed and movement. With baseball, it’s waiting. It’s anticipating. There is a burst of activity… then back to waiting.

Brooks Robinson was masterful to watch in the waiting game. He knew each batter. He knew the probabilities. He could position himself and when the pitcher was ready to deliver, he would get himself ready. His body leaning forward, his feet positioned… anticipating.

This is the sense of the word I get when the Spirit speaks to me: ANTICIPATE. I get tired of waiting. We’ve been WAITING on a building project for our church coffee shop. Things are progressing in the preparation stage, but it is grueling for us to WAIT.

But the Spirit promises. The Spirit speaks to me not of just the coffee shop… but the church. My task is to ANTICIPATE. It is to get myself READY.

Lord, help me to lean forward. Help my spirit to be on the front edge… ready to get after the next thing! Help my spirit to be prepared… Let me see the waiting as simply preparation… and a burst of activity is about to be unleashed. Please, Lord, help me LEAN FORWARD.


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