Hard questions that create thirst

I am working my way through Thomas Kelly’s little book, A Testament  of Devotion and every few pages I must pause and reflect on a sentence, a phrase, or even a question.

This morning, here are the challenges from Thomas Kelly:

Do you love His presence?

The first of the love of God, of our love toward God, and of His love toward us, are very hot.

Our real problem, in failing to center down, is not a lack of time; it is, I fear, in too many of us, lack of joyful, enthusiastic delight in Him, lack of deep, deep-drawing love directed toward Him at every hour of the day and night.

There is a place the Spirit calls and I am all too unwilling to walk. Laziness. Distraction. Call it whatever… but when I read these challenges I am stirred once again.

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