The difference of the Holy Spirit

As we have moved through the MULTIPLY discipleship process in the past several months at our church, we have journeyed though the Old Testament and are now finishing up the New Testament. Last week our discipleship and prayer pastor, Vicki, taught on the power of the Spirit. If you have not listened to her message yet, take 30 minutes and listen.

This next Sunday I am teaching on the Early Church and it’s all about the reliance they had on the leading of the Spirit.

Here is what I am developing for the weekend:

Spirit led people. We need to have our ears open to hear the direction the Spirit is taking us. Often what he does is lead us to a place where we may not understand, only to set us up for the next way he will use in for the glory of God.

Spirit taught minds. We have been reading through 1 Corinthians and I am so captured in those first 2 chapters how Paul wants his readers to understand we have ALL we need to live powerful lives. There is a man in our church who is an engineer. His company is always working on new designs for their products, making them more effective for their customers. When he is on a team that needs to work on a new breakthrough, he prays. He does his research, then prays for what the solution might be to the problem. He will get breakthroughs in prayer as the Spirit teaches him how to connect the dots in his learning and it has led to some wonderful innovations in his field. Our minds can be taught by the Spirit. We need Spirit trained minds these days!

Spirit empowered actions. We have to ACT. The title of John Ortberg’s book I read a few years back is If You Want to Walk on Water You Have to Get Out of the Boat. We need to ACT on what the Spirit teaches.

Let us walk in the Spirit in our lives and watch what can happen!



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