I can’t “will” my way to surrender

With clenched jaw and tightened fists I simply can’t repeat, “I surrender” enough to actually surrender. If the goodness of God is to come into my life, it isn’t by my will. It’s not my “effort” in some way, meaning I will “get it done or else.”

My “effort” is to willingly surrender my moments to the Lord and then invite him into those moments. I can’t be in “this” moment and then think about what God could do in the next moment. I must invite him into this moment… and then wait. Allow the Spirit to come in and do with that moment as he wills. 

We need to move from “willFULLness” to willINGness.” Surrender. It’s not our “great efforts.” It is his divine goodness.

Allow God into your moments. This moment.

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