No one is left off of the “crazy train”

Social media has truly helped us with staying panicked almost all of the time. There is something to worry about every minute of every day.

We can hate Muslims.

We can hate Christians.

We can hate cops.

We can hate blacks.

We can hate liberals.

We can hate conservatives.

No one seems to have stayed at the station when the crazy train boarded!

We won’t stop the lunacy, but I will indeed poke a bit of fun at it. Here some real headlines, statements, or Facebook memes in the past week or so:

A Facebook meme that had a picture of a church sign that said: “The Bible trumps the Constitution” and the meme then read: “And that, friends, is how terrorism starts.” (Yeah. That “love your neighbor as yourself” stuff is incredibly threatening.)

In addressing the “climate change” conference in Paris last week, President Obama (and I did hear this with my own ears) said there were reports of fish swimming down the streets of Miami. (Turns out it was a dolphin… a real Miami Dolphin… trying to run down a wide receiver headed for another touchdown against the Dolphins. Who knew?)

We can’t forget the Trumpster. BAN ALL MUSLIMS from immigrating to the U.S. (The U.S., of course, has proven winning track records when it comes to interning Japanese-Americans in WWII, Jim Crow laws, treaties with Native Americans… Yeah… that will be another winning national security policy for the U.S.)

And coming to a Christian University near you… free gun safety classes for all students so they can shoot Muslims if they are attacked. (Because free use of laundry facilities is so last year when it comes to attracting new students.)

There is always something to tempt us into fear or anger. Always. 

This is precisely the point where that “terrorist” religion called Christianity should shine. We serve the King of kings and Lord of lords. We serve the One who spoke, and things happened. We serve the One who raises up empires for his purposes, and then tosses them aside.

So when this King says to his people, “Fear not,” we may want to pay attention. If he can calm the storm, he can keep us in his grip for all that we face in this day.

Please exit the “crazy train” at the next stop… and wave good-bye as it pulls away.

Let HEAR HIM in these last days.


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