O Come, Emmanuel

We enter into the Advent Season and my heart is burdened for prayer.

More than ever we need the Church, the Body of Christ, to be the prophetic voice in this world… in this culture… and instead we have a lot of pathetic voices and actions.

My prayer in this season:

Lord, forgive us! We have been a Church bent more toward fear than faith. We have been far too reactionary and too little responsive. We have lost our prophetic voice and instead offer up shrill pathetic whinings.

Lord, we need You. We need your presence among us. In the “days of old” the conservative American Church would have cried out, “Come! Lord Jesus! Get us out of this place!”

May our prayers now be, “Come, Lord Jesus! Empower us in this place!”

Let us live like Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, and Esther in Persia. Let us live with our hearts anchored in you and our lives ready to bless our culture. Let us bless to be truly, radically, for life. All of it. Not just the definition of “life” that fits our particular categories (politically left or right) but Kingdom goodness.

Empower us to love our enemies, bless those who ridicule us, and watch out for those on the margins. Let us live to truly bring light into the darkness and not just be a clanging cymbal in a world already full of noise.

Lord, please, come down! Oh, Emmanuel… come! Empower us FOR these days.

Move us from the pathetic to the prophetic. For your Kingdom, your glory, your great honor.



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