The ability to ACT

Lynne Hybels has an excellent piece in The Washington Post about responding to the migrant crisis in Europe.

There are several agencies you could donate to as well as action in prayer and action in going.

Friends, there are things TO DO. A call to some action is necessary. We need to see the need, the crisis, and be able to respond in some way as we face the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

2 thoughts on “The ability to ACT

  1. As one working in Turkey on the front line of this crisis, I put this together for when people have been lately asking me what practical ways they can help:

    White house petition for allowing more Syrian refugees into the states:…/authorize-and-resettle-s…

    Links for refugee centers around the states that could use your volunteer support:

    For you Canadians, a prescreening form for hosting refugees:

    Worthy groups you can donate to:…/aid-for-syrian-refugees/…/recurs-donate-now-here-humanity…/I…/apps/ka/sd/donor.asp

    Facebook groups to like or join:

    Read more:…/09/03/ecclesiastes-41-do-someth…/

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