Losing sight of TRUE LIFE

When someone foolishly holds up a sign that says “I am Cecil” to protest the killing of a lion, or insanely puts on a placard “#catlivesmatter” like it is somehow linked to #blacklivesmatter, it’s time for someone to yell, “Let’s just back the crazy truck up a bit!”

We are truly a world gone crazy. A villager from Zimbabwe wrote a piece that made it to the New York Times that reveals our craziness as Americans. He talked about how shallow we were to care more for a lion than the villagers in Zimbabwe.


We’ve lost sight of HUMAN value. In a quest to protect species or save the planet, we have traded off HUMAN value. We’ve made it an either/or proposition instead of both/and.. and we look stupid doing it.

It also exposes our extreme laziness. It’s so much easier to put something dumb on a cardboard sign or build a hashtag movement than to GO to Africa. We feel better, then retreat into our comfortable lives again.

There is a deep call, a deep stirring in my spirit, for MORE. To go beyond the hashtags and fake protests. To value ALL life, but I will be honest… HUMAN life matters. And when #blacklivesmatter gets diminished by #catlivesmatter, I am REALLY angry. When #catlivesmatter overtakes the tragedy of abortion and only highlights our disdain for the truly voiceless in humanity, I am truly enraged. My youth pastor said it best, “I am Old Testament angry.”

Friends, let us wake up. Let us see what insanity was have brought on ourselves!

It’s a hashtag, but it’s also my constant prayer these days:

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