Sometimes God shows up and sometimes he shows off

That is a phrase I read in Mark Batterson’s book quite a bit.

Sometimes God shows up and sometimes he shows off.

God shows up. He showed up for us and our church this week. Right on time. I will admit, it was so much “on time” (and I really didn’t realize just HOW on time it was until later), I thought, “Really, God? Couldn’t do this last month?”

Almost two years ago my friend John Palmer preached a message on “One Thin Dime and Faith in God.” Today I didn’t realize just how thin that dime would be, but as I look at that dime once again I am overcome with deep joy.

I long to hear him. I long to take leaps of faith. These past few months have tested me beyond what I thought I could measure. Tests are still to come, and I am unsure of a lot of things.

But this I know… when Pastor Palmer preached that message I decided on that day to speak out more boldly, even if I didn’t have a megachurch, or expected to pastor a megachurch. I was going to proclaim more what God was putting on my heart.

I have kept that silly dime and today it reminds me in reality about the immense faithfulness of God… and how he likes to show off from time to time.

2015-06-11 11.22.02

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