The place of the miracle… the place of God doing something spectacular… is a dangerous place to be. We, as believers, need to plan. We need to work hard.

But at the end of the day, if we have worked hard and planned well and something good happens… is it just us working hard and planning well?

Is it just us doing a great job and then saying, “Well, to God be the glory”?

The place of the miraculous is just outside that edge. We plan. We work hard… but there is something more. It’s that outer edge. That place where, truly, if God doesn’t come through… all our planning and ingenuity comes to nothing. It is the place of the miraculous. It is the place of his powerful presence.

I don’t like that outer edge. It is darker than I thought. I can’t see the next step. I like seeing the next step.

In those times how I see the next step is to look back and the steps the Lord has already guided me in. I see how he has put things together and realize all along the way his presence has guided my “ingenuity” to this place.

Even in the darkness, I can then trust the way ahead. I can hear the voice saying, “This is the way. Walk in it.”

I need more of my life on that outer edge. At my age, it’s too easy to punch cruise control and glide it home. I cannot be that person any more. There is too much at stake. Plus, I have tasted his glory and know I want more.

Take us to the place of the miraculous, O Lord. Get us past our smallness. Get us past the pride of our “ingenuity.” Get us to the place of the powerful presence of our great King!

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