I am prayerfully walking through 2 Samuel now as I look at spiritual warfare. In Chapter 23 there is the story of David’s mighty men. Amazing heroes who would go the distance for David. They caught his heart, loved him, and would battle anyone anywhere on his behalf.

I think of that and am deeply thankful for not only mighty men, but mighty WOMEN I have around me. We are going through a huge transition as a church. We are selling our current property and looking for new locations. We are preparing to change up everything we do about ministry, AND we are gearing up to set up a coffee shop.

I have a staff of women and a board with men and women on it. I have mighty men AND women. I am so thankful.

My wife is incredible. She is a mighty woman of prayer, of faith, of care… looking to see what God is up to and believing for incredible things.

I am thankful for the incredible warriors God has put around me. They are tenacious and full of faith. It has blessed my life beyond measure.

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