David and Goliath

“Kids stories” are the best stories. I can remember them. The details may get more full as we grow older, but if I heard a Bible story as a kid, I can remember the basics.

David and Goliath is such a main stay. And then to have it told in King James English… even better. There was a whole sermon preached at a youth convention off a phrase in the KJV and has an entirely different meaning from what the text really says. The sermon was titled: “Is there not a cause?” It was a great sermon. It missed the nuance of the question, but it was a GREAT sermon.

The story is also a great devotional read on spiritual warfare. As I am praying through the OT narratives right now, I am listening again to lessons on the spiritual warfare, so this lesson from David and Goliath brings back all those thoughts on prayer.

1. Sometimes we let the enemy dictate the terms of battle. We get to the battle field and rather than moving ahead as the Lord commands, the enemy lays out a new rule and somehow we think, “Oh, well I guess I better play by that rule.”

Israel was paralyzed because Goliath set the terms of battle. No one was going onto that field to take on one guy twice their size. In the heat of hand to hand combat it was possible to overwhelm the big guy, but one on one? “Fuhget about it!”

There are times when we need to step back and ask, “WHY am I battling this way?” Or, “WHY is the enemy getting away with this in my life?” Maybe it’s because you’ve allowed the enemy to dictate the terms of the battle and now you’re finding out he doesn’t even play by his own rules.

2. Saul had no idea who he was in God. Goliath taunted and Saul laid back in fear. David came in knowing who he was in God.

3. David had no fear because he was clear on the problem. GOLIATH was the problem. The enemy was taunting the people of God and the people of God were simply far more able than an enemy of God. That was a settled issue in David’s mind.

4. Use the weapons familiar to you.

Saul tried to put the armor on David to fight the conventional way. David had weapons he was familiar with… and thankfully stuck to them. There would be a time he would be trained in the sword. This was not that day.

We keep thinking, “Well, when I get enough training. When I get through seminary. When I finish this book on prayer. When I…”

And here comes a battle.

What’s in your hand? Use it. God has an amazing way of empowering what we offer up. Moses had a staff. David had a sling. The boy had five loaves and two fish. Offer it up. See what happens.

5. One man, Saul, held a whole nation back out of his own fear. One man, David, led a nation into victory because of his faith.

It’s a great story with some great reminders. Don’t pass by the old stories!

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