Faithful saints

With the flood of self-promotion, self-branding, social marketing, etc., craze we constantly battle, what gets missed are the true saints.

Between the hollering online over any issue, Baltimore, gay marriage, war, etc., it’s hard to remember there are simply MILLIONS of good people living good lives doing good things… quietly.

A saint has just left us. No one will know her name but her family. She was long gone from our church due to being closer to family members late in life. But she lived a quiet life of faith in the midst of extreme physical struggle and a family that didn’t follow God very well.

The best memory I will have of her is going to visit her in the hospital years ago. When I came in she was reading her Bible. Through her sickness and pain, she looked up and smiled at me. Then she asked me about another member in our church. “I heard she was in the hospital and was just praying for her.”

I will never forget that precious memory. Through her pain she always found joy because she knew the blessed presence of Jesus in the midst of any trial.

Lord, help us be more faithful… and good… in our walk. Let goodness flow from us as we walk well with you.

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