Running the way of our King

Two texts from our reading today remind me of the endurance needed in Christian life.

Mark 8:31-9:1 reminds me what kind of race I need to run. I am to run HIS race. It may the race of suffering and hardship, but that is the way of the King. We always have a “better” way for Jesus to direct us. Peter did. I do. It’s less painful that way.

The problem is that my way may not be the way of the King. His way is a way of denial. I don’t get “my way” (with no apologies to Frank Sinatra at all). Why do I want to gain something temporal? Why do I not hunger for the eternal? The way of the King is the way of giving up my silly, cheap goals to obtain the precious treasure of the Kingdom.

1 Cor. 9:19-31 also reminds me that it is a race to win. I can’t settle for simply crossing a finish line at some point in time and thinking, “Well, in life we’re all winners,” and settle for some participation trophy.

I must run to win. I must run, keeping in mind what Christ has called me to: to proclaim his great name. To do so in my context so I can communicate effectively the power of the Kingdom to those right in front of me.

That involves strict training. Lent is a time to reflect on strict training for me. It is a time to hone in and examine my weak habits and have the Spirit lead me into a new regimen of faith building exercises.

We need these reminders from time to time. Run the way of the King. Run to win.

One thought on “Running the way of our King

  1. Good readings today. He asks us to give ALL as the cost to partnership with him in Good News!

    Looking forward to more teaching as the Holy Spirit is stirring me this morning. Pondering suffering, discipline, sacrifice, live dead, partnership, gospel.

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