The value of a digital Bible

It was simple. I was going over to the library of the college where I teach to do some study. My physical Bible was with me as well as my notes on the passage I was working on. Within three minutes of getting into the library I found the huge advantage of what I had built in a small way in my digital Bible. I use Olive Tree Reader and over the years have added some very basic tools.

Without my reader, I had to use three huge volumes spread out. While that feels very scholarly, it was a waste of time. I do admit it helped with my non-existent strength training program, so I’ll be sore tomorrow. Other than that, it wasted time. I could have had some basic words in my text ready to go and then pulled out more targeted volumes that would have aided me in a great way.

I still love my physical Bible. I still love taking notes on a simple legal pad. But the crossover to digital is much more helpful than even I imagined.

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