Not our normal Lent

First of all, Lent isn’t “normal” in our tradition. It has become “normal” for us in the past few years in our congregation. We have commemorated Ash Wednesday these past few years and we have focused our ministry on preparation for Easter.

But this Lent is not “normal” for us even in that way this year. This is a year of transformation. This is a year of multiplication.

We are taking this time in Lent to hear from heaven as we consider offers on our property and we seek the Lord for the next place to move to and begin a new phase of ministry. This is NOT a time of “mourning.” It is a time of radical preparation.

We are asking everyone in our church to participate in a fast in some way these 40 days as we seek the Lord for what is NEW. This is a time to pray with expectation. Fast from meals. Fast from social media. Fast from entertainment. Fast from special types of foods. But find a way to give up to go up!

We will post Lenten Readings and we will post daily on what the Lord is speaking during this very special time.

The word from the Lord today is from Isaiah:

See, the former things have taken place,
    and new things I declare;
before they spring into being
    I announce them to you. (Isa. 42:9)

The Lord IS speaking. Let us listen!

One thought on “Not our normal Lent

  1. God is truly up to something big. Fasting and prayer prepares us to both see it and receive it. Thanks Dan for your faithfulness.

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