Prayer and lifting up the hurt in this world

Up to this point as I’ve read The Making of an Ordinary Saint by Nathan Foster, I’ve felt the unevenness of his writing. He is not as good in that skill as his father, Richard. He is incredibly honest and I have been refreshed by that honesty.

The reading this week included a chapter on prayer. Richard Foster still has one of the greatest books I’ve ever read on prayer, but this chapter may have been the greatest chapter I’ve read on prayer. It was beyond the honesty of a struggle into the beautiful description of a movement in his life.

Foster talked about listening in prayer. It is about being still and sensing there are many times when there isn’t a need for words but prayer is still happening. 

It has become a series of gentle movements, of resting in the presence of God, a dance of sorts where my thoughts, will, and intentions meld with the presence of God. I’ll seamlessly move from still-filled moments silently waiting, listening in a sort of meditative posture, to uttering a word or single sentence aloud. Sometimes I use a lot of words, but as I delve into this prayer-filled life, those times are becoming less and less frequent.

We can come into that place of praying without ceasing and understand those beautiful movements of the Spirit.

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