Moving past regret

In my reflections today I settled too much on past regrets. I could begin to pinpoint mistakes and the results of those mistakes.

In tandem with that self-evaluation were the goals I am challenged with in 2015. One is memorization so I have begun my slow work in the Beatitudes. As I reflected on the Beatitudes and then reviewed past behaviors that have led to imperfect results today, I was struck with a new line of thinking.

There are certain actions that certainly have led to present conditions.

But make today different. The choice for today will help re-write what is ahead.

To live in blessing… or to live TO bless… today… will give the opportunity for a new possibility in the future. To live in Kingdom power… to live in poverty of spirit (as I reflect on the Beatitudes)… will allow THIS day to be different… and my future to be slightly altered in a far more meaningful way.

Make today different. 

Walk with a repentant heart. Keep accounts short.

Walk with an attitude toward blessing… not cursing.

Walk with a view to others and be opened to the Spirit’s work in someone else and how you get to contribute that day.

Move past regret. Make today different.

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