Do we settle for the dominion of the enemy?

I can still remember parts of a sermon I heard many years ago from Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, on the passage Matthew 8:28-34. The message was called “Swine over the Savior.”

The people of that region seemed to have “settled in” with the idea of the demoniac men running wild. They could at least “contain” them in some way. It’s amazing how we will reason pain in our lives. We don’t like change so we settle in with “compromises” and allow something besides King Jesus dominate us.

When Jesus delivered the men, the town asked Jesus to leave. Jesus was more wild to them.

We may settle far too often for the dominion of the enemy rather than the radical freedom of our Savior. He is not just “meek and mild.” He is untamed in our eyes. But HE is King. HE is powerful. HE loves us.

There is the saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

What a lie of the enemy. What a horrible way to keep people in bondage.

I pray we wake up to the “devil we know” and realize the power of the SAVIOR we may not know is loving and GOOD. Let’s not settle any longer for the “devil we know” and the dominion he holds. Let’s wake up to the incredible power of the One who truly can reign with power and love.

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