Reading through the tribute to Dallas Willard, Todd Hunter points out a saying of Dallas I have loved. Hunter puts it this way:

“…’one thing is for sure,’ Dallas wrote, ‘you are somebody’s disciple. You (are learning) how to live form somebody else. There are no exceptions to this rule.'”

I remember Dallas saying something similar:

Everyone gets an education. There are no exceptions. What kind you get is up to you.

It’s not about what college you go to… it’s about LIFE.

I want 2015 to find me more deeply rooted in my education process. I want to keep learning Christ MORE. A group of guys are starting off the year with at 21 day reading challenge. Be in the Word consistently for the first 21 days of the New Year. I’m in.

I challenged my church yesterday with a 15 or 20 Minute Daily Challenge. I mentioned Francis Chan’s book Multiply as an option for spiritual reading. Off the cuff I also mentioned it was meant to go through in pairs so if someone would be willing to go through it with me, I’d love it. One of my sons let me know he’d love to do that. I’m in.

Let’s get an education that counts! Let’s KNOW CHRIST!

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