One of my “unfavorite” Christmas carols is “Away in a Manger.” That line “no crying he makes” is just too much. He was a baby. An animal makes a noise while he sleeps, crying he makes. 

There are those subtle reminders in our lives where we need our nice, neat Christmas pictures blown up from time to time.

A scared young lady. A pious Jewish man who has laid his reputation on the line. Giving birth in a cave surrounded by animals. Dirty hay. Upheaval because of Rome. People coming in and out to feed the animals. Trying to shove away the donkey from the feeding trough because there’s a baby in it!

Jesus didn’t march into the halls of power to impress anyone. He came where people would eventually find him as an adult: among the margins. Among the forgotten. Among the poor.

He didn’t come in magisterial glory. He came in chaos.

And THAT is good news. Our lives are neat and clean. They’re messy. They’re noisy. We’re generally not noticed by anyone else in the world. And in THAT… here comes the Savior. He can bring peace to the chaos. He does it this way to let you know he sees you. 

Thank the Lord for peace in the midst of our chaos. He comes into our mess.

PEACE on earth.

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