Prayers for Christ the King Sunday

Lord God
You gave the peoples of the world
as the inheritance of your only Son;
you crowned him as King of Zion, your holy city,
and gave him your Church to be his Bride.
As he proclaims the law of your eternal kingdom,
may we serve him faithfully,
and so share his royal power forever. Amen.

To Jesus Christ our Sovereign King
who is the world’s salvation,
All praise and homage do we bring
and thanks and adoration

Your reign extend O King benign,
to every land and nation;
For in your kingdom Lord divine
Alone do we find salvation

To you and to your Church, great King
We pledge our heart’s oblation;
Until before your throne we sing
In endless jubilation

Christ Jesus, Victor!
Christ Jesus, Ruler!
Christ Jesus, Lord and Redeemer
Msgr. Martin Hellriegal, 1941

Holy One, enthroned in glory over all creation,
you are a shepherd to the lost and the least.
Teach us to see your face among the poor—
feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty,
welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked,
and visiting those who are sick or in prison—
so that we may share in your eternal realm
prepared from the foundation of the world;
through Jesus Christ, who is coming indeed,
to reign with justice, compassion, and love.
Matthew 25:31-46

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