Africa is really calling!

He was fully convinced that God was able to do what he promised. (Rom. 4:21, CEB)

It is now down to less that 30 days for my trip to Ethiopia. There is more about the dream HERE

It has been about two years since the Lord spoke several things to my heart about the years ahead in ministry:

1. Plant new churches.
2. “Own” a country (getting the church so involved in a country that in 20 years that nation would look different).
3. Raise up Blue Chip pastors. 

It was about a year ago the Lord dropped into my heart, “Next year you will be in Africa.” 

And it is now upon me. 


To all who gave for my trip financially, a HUGE THANK YOU! I am so amazed at the blessing of friendship God has granted me with each of you. I am so deeply moved by each one who gave. 

As I prepare to go, and as I am in Ethiopia teaching for 2 weeks, please continue to pray. I want to be a blessing to pastors in Ethiopia, but I also want to hear clearly from God what is next for our church in Africa. I am fully convinced he is guiding us into the next step of the journey!



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