The big story out of this weekend was Elliot Rodger. Another gunman goes crazy. More innocent lives taken. More calls for gun control. More concern for mental illness. (And by the way, nothing will be done about either of those things. Just chill. No need to comment on either subject.)

As I’ve watched this story unfold (and I couldn’t help it because national news led off with at least two stories on this event every single evening) I had a sense this was different than other rampages. This was a kid filled with angst… sitting in his BMW taping a suicide manifesto that would be uploaded to You Tube. He had also written a 140 page hate filled manifesto. For all the hand wringing that might be done over not “reaching out” to this kid, there are some hard things to look at from this story.

First of all, not having sex by the age of 22 is just awful? Really?

Because people didn’t like you… in the way you wanted them to notice you, anyway… gives you the right to go out and take life? Really?

Let us have a “facts of life” talk just to get some equilibrium here.

First of all, and I know this may shock you, sex outside of marriage may be “normal,” but maybe the question should be: “Is it the BEST for me? What IF I simply learned to treat a woman properly and not be consumed with fulfilling my own selfish desires?” We’ve let “normal” run our lives… and ruin our lives and we need to have that talk again with kids. You’re life is NOT over if you haven’t had sex before you graduate college!

Then there is the realization that life is not a Hollywood movie or a video game. If things don’t go your way, you do NOT get to go exact your revenge by doubling down and just taking life like it is so cheap. Life is not cheap. It is sacred. All the way through, by the way. Womb to tomb. ALL of life is sacred.

Our culture has absolutely cheapened life in every way possible. We have de-humanized others in our arguments so it feels better when we “take them down.” Our music, our games, our movies, will not relent in pouring on the violence. They get paid for it… because WE pay them… so why should they stop? Because “it’s the right thing to do?” Are you kidding? Let’s try this: How about WE stop with desiring a violent solution to our problems? If we quit paying, they quit making. It’s not rocket science.

This story is the ultimate end of narcissism. Someone didn’t get their precise way in life and felt no qualms about exacting exponentially more pain on the lives of others because life just didn’t work in their favor.

It does NOT have to be this way. As adults, we can live far better examples, and TEACH far better examples. We’re not doing it because, well, we’re in our own little narcissistic conniptions because we didn’t get half the stuff our kids get when we were growing up so we feel obligated to make up for lost time.

As adults, let’s truly be adults. 

As believers, let’s truly believe in the power of the Kingdom.

We don’t need to have these tragic stories in our world. But we do.

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