I don’t know how to pray. I don’t know a thing about prayer.

Not really.

I read about prayer. I read Scripture. I read from people of prayer, from people who have gloriously walked with God, and yet… I don’t know how to prayer.

These past few weeks have stretched me in interecessory prayer like I have yet to be stretched. We have called out on God together for a missionary friend who was in a coma and is now on the clear road to recovery. That has led to intercession for unreached people groups and missionaries in those hard areas. It has led to prayer for other workers to join in those hard harvest areas.

But I don’t know how to pray.

That battle seems to be on the road to victory, and then a good friend who I went to college with and pastors a church in the same metro area is now in the hospital battling for HIS life.

We have battled in prayer in our church this week for two teen suicides (one an attempt, one who eventually died as a result). We’ve battled for a mother whose wayward son has been in a horrific car accident and he needs the Lord and healing.

We have battled in prayer for those battling depression.

The attacks of the enemy are severe.

I think I am more aware because as I have prayed I have become more alert. But as I’ve become more alert I’ve come to this frightening conclusion: I don’t know how to prayNot like this.

The other night the Spirit had me stay up in prayer saying to me, “If you’re going to the be the ‘spiritual father’ I have asked you to be, and you’ve said you want this, then you need to realize that just as a father you would spend the night up for your own sons, I am asking you to do the same for these kids.”

I don’t know how to pray.

But WHEN we pray… something powerful is so incredibly possible. In a CONCERT of prayer, where a bunch of people who don’t feel adequate to pray will just PRAY… something magnificent is possible.

The prayers of the saints are lifted to God and he can respond. Rev. 8:1-5 is a powerful picture of what will happen if we will JUST PRAY.

In my inadequacy, I can still offer up my prayers. We all can offer up our prayers in whatever form we can get them out!

And when we do… God hears. He may actually quiet heaven for us as we pray.

So… we pray. We pray for Pastor John Goodman. We pray for Missionary Steve Sullivan. We pray for our teens. We pray for those battling depression. We pray… even if we don’t know “how” to pray… we lift up what we have as the best of what we can do… and the aroma has that opportunity to reach the presence of God.


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