The rush of the Spirit

Yesterday our family was in Duluth and we took a trip to Gooseberry Falls. It’s a state park and the river at that point is magnificent, pouring over a series of falls as it makes its final journey Lake Superior.

The falls were immense and strong. Several years ago, we had visited there in August and the falls were so mild our boys were swimming in one of the upper pools, and people were unafraid to walk across may parts of the falls. Yesterday was not the case. It was roaring.

The snowfall had been over 8 feet in that area this past winter. The melt was tremendous and the falls were reaping the benefit.

I thought about the power of the Spirit watching those falls. I have been praying for us as believers to have another abundance of rain… the rain of the Spirit… in our lives. As I watched those powerful falls, the realization came that it was after a harsh winter those falls were incredibly powerful.

It is often after a tough experience we come into a powerful place with the Holy Spirit. He has led us through a tough spot to have us come out on the other side in power. Jesus came out of the wilderness in the power of the Spirit.

Don’t waste the tough spots in your life. Allow the Spirit to “melt” it off and turn it into tremendous power for the Kingdom of God.

2014-05-03 12.25.01

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