Look to what SETS FREE

Jesus constantly challenged the bound up authority of religious rulers because he was there to demonstrate the rule of the KING. The inmates were trying to run the asylum, and that just never goes well.

We too often default to pretend spiritual formation, which drifts to legalism, because we can’t measure the heart. We don’t trust the Spirit to do the work.

Jesus would demonstrated the power of the King to overrule even the Sabbath if need to be to take care of people. If it was feeding people or, God forbid, HEALING people, the King could suspend the rules of the norm to bring transformative power.

We need to look to what sets people free IN CHRIST (which is a vitally important clause) rather than what binds them up to our little fiefdoms.

In this Lenten season, let us pray for the Spirit to set us FREE… not bind us up to new rules we make up.

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