Are you happy to suffer for others?

When it comes to thinking of others, we might do well.

But to suffer for others? And be happy about it? What planet are you from?

 Now I’m happy to be suffering for you. I’m completing what is missing from Christ’s sufferings with my own body. I’m doing this for the sake of his body, which is the church. (Col. 1:24)

We can relegate that to a by-gone era and chalk it up to Paul’s warped sense of suffering, but it’s not so out of date. I am meeting more and more people willing to pick up this type of sacrifice for the sake of carrying the gospel into the hardest places on the planet.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a young couple who have a new baby and are heading into one of the most dangerous places I could think of on this planet. As I asked hard questions about going and what they think of taking a new baby into difficult areas, I heard this heart of Paul. They knew the gift of salvation and the call of the Kingdom of God in their lives.

I am not “less” than they are for being here. They are not “greater.”

But it IS refreshing to meet others who are truly willing to take on incredibly dangerous obstacles to live out the power of the Kingdom. it is humbling.

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