We want to “feel” when we need to “think”

Listening to Dallas Willard again, I am constantly reminded as to how hard it is to take in what he is saying. The DVD I am reviewing as part of a package sent to me by IVP Press also features John Ortberg and he made a comment that perfectly summarizes WHY it is “work” to listen to (or read) Dallas Willard.

Dallas wants people to come to the knowledge of Christ. It’s beyond “head” knowledge, but it does require thinking. He wants people to understand the claims of Christ rather than just “feel” the words “move” a person. So, Ortberg observes, Dallas makes you work. When you read Dallas Willard, or listen to him, you don’t get to sit back and then observe, “Oh, that was a moving speech.” Or, “Well, that was a moving book.” 

You may not be initially “moved” by Dallas Willard’s thoughts. But you will have to work at understanding what he is saying…

And I have found, that when I begin to understand what he is saying, I AM moved. To know Dallas Willard is to see a man who knows Christ. And that is what Dallas Willard wanted everyone to understand.

There are times to “feel” and there are times to “think.” For Dallas, it was knowing Christ first (think), then be moved.

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