Jesus may NOT “want you”

I have been walking through Luke 9 the past few days. It is a roller coaster ride of the disciples “getting it,” then NOT “getting it.”

They can’t transfer the power of one day to the next. They wake up and it’s like their minds are erased!

I am not trying to be too hard on them because I know every one of us hit that same wall. The challenge is that at some point in time we have to STOP hitting that wall. The disciples were able, which is why Luke points it out in his gospel and then writes his follow up in Acts.

We seriously need to “get this.” Jesus is deadly serious about following him. He is deadly serious about the power he gives us.

But we have to give up our petty thoughts of power and influence. We have to give up the traditional loyalties that may call to us… even family at times… to understand the COST of following him.

There IS a cost to following Jesus. There is also a cost to NOT follow Jesus.

And we need to SERIOUSLY consider all of it when we come to a place of saying, “I’m ready to follow you, Jesus.”

He may very well look at you and say, “Um, I don’t think so. Not right now. Go think about this some more. ”

If you don’t think that’s truly possible, you haven’t read the end of Luke 9 yet.


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