Living in Jubilee

I am reading prayerfully through the Gospel of Luke and today found me in Chapter 7. It has been a chapter I’ve slowly worked through in prayer the last couple of days, and I imagine I may be here a little longer.

It is a wonderful place to start a New Year. As I reflect on life and ministry, the question I have for the year is what would Jesus have of me? This chapter opens up the possibilities.

Live where Jesus lived. Act as Jesus acted.

Live in Jubilee.

That was his basic message to John the Baptist’s messengers (7:18-23). When they asked if Jesus was “the One,” he simply performed the passage, then declared he was doing all that had been laid out in Isaiah’s words.

Jubilee isn’t a year anymore. It’s a life. And that is the life to which God calls us.

I reflect on Luke 7 and think about where Jesus went and what he did in this chapter. It’s a great synopsis.

It is about the “outsider.” It is about those on the “margins.”

It is about living in the power of Jubilee. I mean… why not pray for the sick so they can recover?

It is about extending forgiveness to people who thought at one point in time they could not be forgiven.

Live there.

Live in Jubilee.

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