In Draw the Circle Mark Batterson calls for a reformation. It only takes a few people praying. A remnant that will be faithful can see God move in powerful ways.

One area of reformation I believe we desperately need in the evangelical/Pentecostal church is a reformation of worship. That we get away from our “rock star” worship team approach and just let people sing and call out to God.

I’m not asking for a return to hymns. I think there are some great songs being written… if we can get them in a decent key everyone can sing so it just doesn’t feature those with “rock star” vocal ranges.

We just need people to cry out in worship together. 

It’s not just the church leadership choosing to put a Grammy-worthy music team on the platform with all the lights focused on them and the sound thumping through the back walls like a freight train.

It’s people tolerating that kind of worship . 

If people just simply refused to enter into that type of atmosphere, how leadership presented it would change.

The problem is this: I hear “leaders” talk about changes that are needed and I hear people in the seats complain about the rock star mentality, but no one is wiling to make the first move.

If the worship team changes their approach and it turns out the thousands in the seats really wanted the rock star performance, the crowd will dwindle a bit. If people just quit refusing to go to a church with the rock star performance, they fear missing something… and they might fear singing out on their own… seeking God in a more intimate way… fearing what God may reveal in their own lives…

It’s a bit of a Catch 22.

We need this reformation, though. We are NOT worshiping God in fullness right now. And that needs a change.

We need even a remnant that chooses to say, “We don’t have to go this way any more. We need to hear from God and we need to move where HE is leading us.”

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