True Freedom

True freedom isn’t found in lack of discipline. True freedom is found as a result of discipline.

Our lazy view of Christianity has reduced us to saying a prayer of salvation to get our “Get out of hell free” cards.

The call of the Kingdom of God is freedom. Freedom to obey. Freedom to walk in the power of the Spirit. Freedom to hear the voice of God. Freedom from bondages and addictions.

When Jesus gives the command to “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt. 5:48) it comes with the expectation that is possible. 

The HOW of that comes in Matthew 6. When we learn to walk in discipline, we find the true freedom of the power of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus gives us three examples of disciplines.

Somehow, we are deathly afraid of disciplines… especially fasting. Although there could be some people I know who are very allergic to giving as well. 😉

It is when we learn the disciplines that tune out the junk of this world and tune us in to hear the heart of God that we find true freedom.

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