Proclamation and Demonstration

When Jesus arrives on the scene in ministry (Matthew 4), he arrives with a powerful message: “The kingdom of heaven is arriving.”

This SHOULD call for a response.

Then, he demonstrates the power of the kingdom. The sick are healed. The demonized are set free.

This king means business. 

It, of course, draws a crowd. Out of that proclamation and demonstration, Jesus can then see who truly wants to understand the kingdom. This is when he climbs the hill and begins to teach. Who will follow him? Who will sit through just teaching and hear what the Kingdom of God is all about?

The proclamation and demonstration were not the end. It was about getting people to pay attention and then pave the way for explanation. And the demands of the Kingdom needed explaining. (There ARE demands of the Kingdom, by the way.)

If the King has truly arrived. If the Kingdom is truly “at hand,” there is a demonstration of that Kingdom. There is also a confrontation because the allegiances of this world do not give up that easily.

We need to live our lives in Kingdom power. We need the understanding of the Kingdom in our minds and spirits. We need the sense of that Kingdom’s allegiance full in our awareness. And the living out of the Kingdom of God then brings the power of the Kingdom in ways we simply could not imagine.

I pray we are so full of the Spirit, so full of the power of the Kingdom, so aware of the power of the Kingdom all around us, we walk our lives in a way that stir up thirst and hunger in others. I pray our very lives make such a difference in people we interact with on a daily basis that there really is something demonstrably different in the way we carry ourselves and the way people are impacted by our presence around them.

Lord, help us live in Kingdom power. 

Sermon on the Mount Graphic

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