Half Baked Asking

Compare two stories about asking in 2 Kings.

In the first story we have Elisha. Elijah asks him what he wanted and Elisha immediately stated boldly, “A double portion.” He wanted the inheritance of the first born. He wanted the legacy of Elijah to rest with him. Bold. Decisive.

The second story is the end of Elisha’s life and Jehoash the king comes for a visit. One of the things Elisha has Jehoash do is take a bundle of arrows and strike it on the ground. Jehoash half-heartedly strikes the ground three times. Elisha is furious. God would work on Jehoash’s behalf, but not as fully as if Jehoash had been insistent in pounding those arrows on the ground.

We need bold prayers.

Don’t be Jehoash. Be Elisha.

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