Why We Need Multiple Generations — the lesson of Rehoboam

After Solomon’s death Rehoboam came to the throne. The people came and made a request: Please ease up on us! We’ve worked hard doing all this work to build Jerusalem! It’s time to let up on the gas a bit.

Rehoboam consulted two groups: his father’s advisors and his own “posse.”

What would Solomon’s advisers know, anyway? They were all OLD… probably over 40. They had nothing to offer! (Except good advice from years of watching Solomon.)

Rehoboam decided to listen to his “crew.”

The danger of sticking with mono-generational advice is you might lose some valuable experience. It cost Rehoboam the unity of the kingdom.

Understand the lesson. While we try to build single-generation churches, we could be costing ourselves some solid advice on one end… and some great passion on the other. It takes ALL generations working together to build the Kingdom. Let’s not ignore each other, or turn our noses up at each other.

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