I wanted to jot down some quick observations of the characters in 1 Samuel:

Hannah — the picture of desperation. This is a woman who wouldn’t let go until God answered. We need Hannah’s in our day.

Eli — a man losing control. He couldn’t get his sons in line and favored them over the duties of his job as priest. He lost all of it as a result.

Samuel — the picture of learning to hear God. He developed a listening ear and became that oracle for God that had been absent for generations. We need people in our day listening to God. We have far too many “speaking” for God.

Saul — the perfect picture of the saying, “We get the leader we deserve.” Israel clamored for a king and they got a “kingly looking” man. He looked great, but he was insecure, fearful, anxious, manipulating… you get the picture.

David — a man who understood authority. I need more lessons from this guy. He let God take care of the leadership in front of him. He wouldn’t move against Saul when Saul was right in his hands twice. David gives us a picture of learning how to live under authority.

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