The Care of the WHOLE

I am continuing a series on Acts and the Holy Spirit this Sunday. As I reflect on Acts 4:32 to Acts 6:8 as a unit, I think to how we have made Christianity such a dichotomy in the western Church.

For Pentecostals, I’ve grown up with everything about Christianity being about “soul winning.” It’s about saving souls.

When other “liberal” churches did things, it was the “social gospel.” We don’t do the “social gospel.”

For “liberal” churches it wasn’t about saving souls at all. It was about meeting a need.

The dichotomy is serious. We have some organizations only caring for physical needs and other organizations caring only for spiritual needs. They may feed people to get a captive audience to preach a salvation message, but that’s the extent.

This is not true Spirit-filled ministry, as I look at Acts.

It is not just about the soul, but the WHOLE. 

And it’s not just about the wholeness of an individual, but the wholeness of a community. It’s an interesting reflection to this point, at least.

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