Blessings! Power! Abundance! All YOURS!

Imagine a life where you have wealth and satisfaction! Your children are serving God! Your enemies can’t win! You build a legacy!


There is something in me that now wants to say, “All yours for a seed faith offering… operators are standing by!”

But audacious claims like that can happen. They can feed certain desires in our own lives.

Yet… in another sense… there are some incredibly bold claims for those living in the Kingdom.

Psalm 112 gives some bold claims.

But you have to know where it STARTS:

Blessed are those who fear the Lord,
who find great delight in his commands. (Ps. 112:1, NIV)

It’s HIS agenda. It’s HIS Kingdom. When I am delighting in his word and longing to do his will, I will see his abundance flow into my life. The abundance isn’t on my terms, and it is not according to my definition. It’s his call all the way. Yet, why should I settle for anything less?

Let me walk in the fear of the Lord!

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