This article makes the argument that while Jesus was controversial, he wasn’t really controversial for the sake of being a stand out due to a conflict. He stood for truth, which would cause controversy no matter where he went. 

Here is the really interesting part: when truth comes in, no group of people at any time is left unscathed. As others have observed, since the redemption of Christ is a story for all cultures and all times, then no one culture at any point will encounter the Bible’s message without being challenged by it. If any group of people matched Scripture’s teaching perfectly, their culture wouldn’t need it. In other words, if Christian faith doesn’t produce awkward cultural moments, beware.

Too often we are very strategic in being “controversial.” We calculate carefully when we may get a few jeers, but we also know those will get out-shouted by the cheers we so lovingly crave.

Living in truth is just plain enough controversy.

Living in the power of the Kingdom is far beyond one or two issues, and certainly beyond a symbol I can put on my blog or on my Facebook status.

Kingdom living is power. It will bring LIFE… but it will at times also stir up “controversy.”

It’s tough enough to just live Kingdom, without the headache of calculating when I think I might get enough “likes” over some particular “controversy.”

We must cling to truth, understanding that truth is captivating to every culture. It can be trusted because it does not bend with time and place.

Let’s try the truth of the Kingdom and the power of our King. Let controversy just not be the big deal in our lives.

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