My Annual Love Letter to the Royals


It’s me again. I’m a little late from last year. I’ve been busy, but I know you’ll say that’s no excuse.

Well, here we are on the verge of another season. Your spring training has been phenomenal. And let me say, contrary to actual sportswriters who actually get paid to have an opinion, I think the winter transactions were fantastic. This is a great team and you’ve really improved the pitching.

But… well… here we are… and, um… I’m just wondering if you could possibly find it in your heart to… well… not disappoint me this year.

Don’t get me wrong. I am so used to the downer by May that it’s just part of the territory. But if there is any way you could see it in your heart to start out with some wins this year and keep above .500 for a little bit of time… Wow… I’d really like that.

I’m sure you might dig down deep and find yet another way to crush my soul and leave it weeping in the dust again by July, but I’m just hoping for something a bit more this year.

Any way, here’s to another season.

All my love…


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