We’re Never Going to be Happy… Or Get It Right

We keep getting books and articles on what is wrong with this church or that church.

With the Catholic Church about to select a new pope, we get the rehashing of what is wrong with the Catholic Church.

So, here is my conclusion: we’re just not happy. 

Someone may say, “I like this church tradition because they allow _________________________, but don’t acknowledge _______________.”

Or, let’s just say “X” and “Y” and sound like mathematicians.

No matter what, we’ve got problems. And no matter what, we’re not going to get it “right.” 

You know why? Because you’re still here! 

You. Me. All of us. We’re HUMAN.

I grew up in the Assemblies of God. There are a lot of GOOD things about my tribe. Hard to believe, but YES. For one thing, we actually do something the Catholic Church has never done: ordain women.

But problems? Sure.

Am I going anywhere? Not really.

Why? Because somewhere else I pick will have a different set of problems and it’ll take me another 40 years to catch on to their quirks.

Sometimes the tradition does shift too hard and I understand there are realistic reasons for “leaving.” But with all our complaining today, I think it’s just because we’re basically not happy. And that’s within us… not within our church.

So… let the griping continue…

2 thoughts on “We’re Never Going to be Happy… Or Get It Right

  1. this is one of the reasons I haven’t just hopped over to the Methodist church like some have been trying to get me to do. I’d just trade one set of problems for another. lol

  2. I agree that the problem is within us. Even if we leave and go to other churches, there will be new sets of problems that you will encounter and the cycle will just repeat itself. These problems will always be there and it’s up to you and how you face it.

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